The functions of the Community Manager are -

  • to supervise, manage and control the Common Areas and Assets for the collective benefit of Owners and in ways that promote positive environmental outcomes;
  • to ensure that the building or community, including the Common Areas, are maintained in good conditions;
  • to integrate waste management, energy and water efficiency policies into the Community's strategy regarding the Common Areas and Assets;
  • to properly repair, maintain, renew and replace the Common Areas and Assets;
  • to evenly and fairly enforce Law No. 6 of 2019, RERA directions, Master Community Declaration and Community Rules
  • to promote harmony and a sense of belonging among Owners and Occupiers of Units;
  • to obtain and maintain any license it requires by law;
  • to maintain records and produce statements and other documents as required by this Constitution or the Department;
  • to otherwise comply with all laws, decrees, regulations, by-laws, policies and directions by which it is bound.

The powers of the Community Manager include the power to

  • enter into the utility supply and service agreement;
  • remedy defective building work in relation to Common Areas;
  • carry out work required by law or this Constitution where the Owner has failed, after reasonable written notice, to carry out that work in accordance with his obligations;
  • to recover from the Owner of a Unit the costs of carrying out work under sub-clause (c) (above)
  • to enter a Unit upon reasonable written notice to the Owner or Occupier, or without notice in an emergency, to inspect or effect repairs to Common Areas or carry out work under sub-clause (c);
  • own movable assets;
  • sue and take action to enforce monetary claims in its own name;
  • effect insurances required by this Constitution;
  • to invest surplus funds in any manner approved by RERA;
  • do anything else for the purpose of carrying out its duties and functions under the law or this constitution.


  • The number of members of the Owners’ Committee shall not exceed nine (9),including the Chair and Deputy Chair, and shall be selected by the Agency.
  • A member of the Owners Committee shall: Have full legal capacity, must be a resident of the Jointly Owned Property, Be of good conduct, shall be punctual in paying Service Charge and Master Community Service Charge, Regularly attend and actively participate in the meetings of the Owners’ Committee
  • Committee members shall not be paid for their services.
  • The Owners Committee shall be responsible for:
    • Verify that the Management manages, operates, maintains and repairs the common areas in accordance with the provisions of this law and the decisions issued pursuant thereto and the Building Management Statement.
    • Review the annual budgets prepared for the maintenance of the Common Areas and make the necessary recommendations thereon
    • Discuss the obstacles and difficulties related to the management, operation,maintenance and repair of the Common Areas and submit the necessary recommendations thereon to the Management or Agency, as the case may be.
    • Receive complaints and suggestions submitted by Owners and Occupiers.
    • Notify the Management or Agency of any defects in the structural parts of the Jointly Owned Property or any damage or defects in the Common Areas requiring emergency treatment.
    • Submitting any proposals to the Management regarding the mechanism of utilizing the Common Areas or modifying the Building Management Statement, provided that the modification of the Building Management Statement shall be approved by the Agency.