A Committee member must be committed to understanding the role of the Owners Committee and must understand the rules by which it operates.

Owners Committee members must comply with the following :

  • Committee members must be committed to understanding their role as a member of the Owners’ Committee and must understand the rules by which it operates.
  • Committee members must comply with the following:-
    • Act honestly and fairly in performing their duties and must not unfairly or unreasonably disclose information held by the Jointly Owned Property, including information about any Owner or Occupier. All information is confidential and proprietary and reserved with the Owners only.
    • Act in the best interests of all Owners and the Jointly Owned Property.
    • Sustain from imposing on the Management Company contracting with any third party entity to provide goods and services for the Jointly Owned Property, which entity is related to any of the Committee members.
    • Not to cause any nuisance on the common area of the Jointly Owned Property.
    • Otherwise behave in any manner which unreasonably affects or is likely to unreasonably affect a person’s lawful use and enjoyment of a Unit or the Common Areas.
    • The members of the Owners Committee shall not interfere in the affairs of the management and operation of the Jointly Owned Property
    • Not to communicate with any service provider except through the Management Company
    • If a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest arises at any time, then a Committee member must, before any debate or vote is taken on the matter to which the conflict relates:
      • Disclose that conflict to the Committee; and
      • Abide by the decision of the Committee as to whether they are to be permitted to participate in any debate or vote in respect of the matter.
    • All Owners Committee members must comply with the laws and regulations of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
    • Neither Committee members, Jointly Owned Property nor Management Companies are permitted to use any form of media ( including internet, radio, paper, telephone, digital media or any other form of media) for the purpose of discussing or complaining about private issues relating to the Jointly Owned Property, any Committee Member or any dispute relating to the Jointly Owned Property.
    • Owners Committee and the member must abide by the dates of scheduled meetings according to the Law, provided that the meetings are held during official working hours of the Management Companies.
    • Each member of the Owners Committee pledges to abide by the behavioural and ethical rules whilst dealing with members of the Owners Committee, the Management Company and Service Providers.
    • Acknowledge that any authority having powers pertaining to national security and safety, RERA or any party appointed by RERA, has all the right to check all the information systems utilized by the Owners Committee or accounting systems or other documents and systems related to the Committee.
    • RERA has the right to accept or reject any application or cancel any Committee membership at any time without cause.