Value Added Services

    • Strategic Planning and Involvement of Key Stakeholders.
    • Surveys and Focus Groups.
    • Internal Performances and Capabilities Assessment, KPIs, Performance Appraisals (PA).
    • Supplier Performance Evaluation (SPE).
    • Integrated Management System.
    • Adherence to international best practices.
    • Proactive Risk and Insurance management.
    • Transparency with stakeholders.

    DOAM Value Added Services

    Innovation and Creativity

    • Strategic Procurement and Frameworks.
    • Disaster Recovery.
    • Service Quality.
    • Don’t Walk Around (DW).
    • Risk Mechanism and Monitoring.
    • Defined Process.

    Deliverables for Community / Association

    DOAM Value Added Services

    Community / Association Risk Management Program

    Deyaar CM Value Added Services

    Insurance Management Program

    • Procure the right insurance provider.
    • Best market prices.
    • Implement insurance policies.
    • Claims by team of experts.
    • Implementation of changes from previous claims.

    Fitout Review, Coordination, Supervision and Management

    • Expert supervision ensures everything is conducted according to plan. We provide fit-out services to the highest standards.
    • Facilitation of Architectural and As-Built drawing reviews, plus No Objection Certifications (NOCs).
    • Onsite Fit-Out Management.
    • Compliance for ongoing fit-out work through site inspections.

    Please download our fit-out manual and forms to proceed with DCM Fit-Out NOC.