Owners Obligations

The collective goal of the Community Manager will always be to protect, maintain and enhance the quality of the property and the lifestyle as envisioned. Apathy by individual members can render the CM ineffective. To maintain the quality of life that accompanies a well-maintained community, each individual member must do his or her part. Some of those responsibilities are as follows:

·   Read and comply with the governing documents of the community

·   Comply with all community rules

·   Maintain their private property according to established standards

·   Treat Owners Committee honestly and with respect

·   Vote in General Assemblies, online polls and other such forums

·   Pay service charges on time

·   Keep their contact information current

·   Ensure that those who reside on their property adhere to all rules and regulations

·   Report cases of violation and vandalism

·   Support the security and safety policies and personnel

·   Participate in Community activities and initiatives.